Teaching & Mentoring


BEAM Summer Away

In July 2020, I served as a counselor and teaching assistant for BEAM Summer Away (online due to COVID), a program aimed at helping students from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds gain the resources necessary to succeed mathematically. I assisted with courses on number theory and projective planes, and led activities and check-ins with the students.

Teaching Assistant Positions

In my work as an undergrad TA, I’ve taught section, graded HW/exams, and held office hours for the following courses:

I am very proud to have received awards for my undergrad teaching from both the BME and mathematics departments.


I serve as a mentor for undergraduate students and prospective graduate students via Project SHORT, JHU Womxn Mentoring Whiting, Stanford SWIMM, and the Stanford WCC STEM Program.

It takes a village to raise a graduate student. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance of my own grad student mentors: Michael Rosenberg, Franky Romero, and Blue Sheffer.